Absent Note

I’ve been trying to write loads of meaningful, insightful, highly intelligent posts lately but they have all failed due to lack of energy and brain-fuge.

However, I thought I’d better pop by and do more than read my feed: explain why I’ve been away for a while.  Firstly, work has picked up since the new year and I’ve been busy, busy, busy with phone calls around the world and stuff like that.  Secondly, and perhaps not unrelated to the first, I have been struggling with a viral sore throat for the last month which progressed to a weird muscle strain in my neck/throat on Easter Monday and then has developed the obligatory ulcerated throat (ex-tonsils to be exact) and monster fatigue.

Monday & Tuesday of this week saw me in PJ’s and in bed for most of the mornings with  periods of being dressed and conscious in the afternoon, with a trip to get bloods taken on Monday.  Wednesday I got up (showered and dressed no less) and did a bit of work.  Yesterday I was up and about since 7.15am (although awake from about 6.15 but unable to keep my eyes open for a significant period of time) and caught up with work in a sensible, not going to knock me backwards, fashion.  Today I was on-site with a client, visited the doctor (all blood results ok) and have done some more work.  It has helped having to give Elvis 4-feeds a day, spaced every 5-hours between early morning and late evening.

Elvis is a lamb.  He is one of twins born to a first-time ewe who doesn’t have enough milk for two.  It is a shame he isn’t a girl as he will be very tame but we won’t be able to keep him as all the ewes we have will either be his mother, grandmother, aunt, great aunt or cousins!  We have six lambs so far, three sets of twins (two sets boy/girl, one set boy/boy). We just have one more ewe to lamb and then the season will be done for another year.

Perhaps it is because in-between times I manage to do a lot of stuff whilst managing my CFS that it throws me when I get hit with a virus like this as it reminds me of what a bad place I was in when I was diagnosed and I’m terrified of being back there.  I have also not ridden the horses for over a month and that just makes me cranky.

Hopefully this virus is on the way out and I can resume normal service soon.  I plan to take a little holiday somewhere warm to re-charge the batteries.  I just need to find somewhere that doesn’t charge you a penalty fee for going on your own.

I will now stop rambling.

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