Still here!

Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned; it has been 11-weeks since my last confession….

But, oh! what an 11-weeks it has been!

My last post on here was 21st March; in which I was suffering a mild setback from “doing a lot”.  To say that my last bout of “doing a lot” will knock my previous record out the water will be an understatement… Continue reading

Fast is the new…. Fast!

Forgive me friends it has been 66 days since my last blog.

Going back to my last blog, on 7th Jan, I was 7-days into the Fast Diet (or 5:2 Diet) and was feeling superb.  Fast forward to today and I am only just finding time to sit down and update you all on my progress. Continue reading

Holiday! Part the second.

Snapshots of my Gibraltar Holiday

Snapshots of my Gibraltar Holiday

Slightly later than “tomorrow” but better late than never for the second instalment of my holiday fun. Continue reading

All Good

Work has been busy which has meant that there is more money coming in but there has been less time for doing things on the computer that are no-work related as I get to the end of the working day and need to switch off both literally and figuratively. Continue reading

Absent Note

I’ve been trying to write loads of meaningful, insightful, highly intelligent posts lately but they have all failed due to lack of energy and brain-fuge.

However, I thought I’d better pop by and do more than read my feed: explain why I’ve been away for a while.  Firstly, work has picked up since the new year and I’ve been busy, busy, busy with phone calls around the world and stuff like that.  Secondly, and perhaps not unrelated to the first, Continue reading

Get Up Dress Up Turn Up

Get Up.  Dress Up.  Turn Up.

Wise words from my aunt that I thought I’d share.  I’m trying to keep to it and it does work though it is not always easy.

My resolution to post on here more frequently has not gone quite to plan!  There has been rather a lot going on, some good & some not so good and I didn’t want to end up writing any self-indulgent twaddle and inflicting that on the world.  The saying that “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” is possibly not the best for a blogger to live by.

So, the good things going on…. I’ve finally bitten the bullet, registered as self employed and am getting a wriggle on with setting up the business.  I’ve done one mailshot already to people I’ve interviewed/applied for jobs with and I’m now compiling details for another two mailshots – one to go to local businesses and another to go to land-agents over a wider area.  I’ve also registered my domain name, sorted out some hosting and met with a local web-designer to get that up and running.  Fingers crossed.

The not so good things that have mainly been worrying about money – my job providing cover at a local Farm has come to an end and, although it is a foot in the door to provide holiday cover, etc and has given me lots of good contacts.  I’ve been applying for part-time jobs but not even getting to interview because assumptions are made that I can’t possibly really want a part-time job so I’ll be off as soon as a full time job comes up.  Frustrating.

I’ve just applied for a job in a local pub doing bar work as it will a) get some money coming in b) mean that I get out and socialise with people (a bit of a challenge when you have no money to go out!) and c) allow me to do a bit of networking.

Right.  Break over, need to get back to searching the interwebs for companies to mailshot.

The way the world works

I have fallen down in my blogging lately.  A whole two months and change without any updates; a combination of relying on my phone for emails/facebook and not switching on the laptop for longer periods of time are to blame.  Additionally I’ve been feeling a bit stuck in a rut with not much news to report.  I really should try and post something every day, or at least every week.

Things have had their ups and downs over the last few months.  I’m still without a job.  The horse has been signed off from the Vet so we are back riding him and he’s coming on nicely.  The steps-per-day are gradually increasing, I’m averaging between 5-7k most days with at least one 10k day a week.  I’m planning, when I have an income again, to buy a cross trainer so that I can increase my step count whilst getting some cardio work.  I would go running but the concussion causes me horrid pain in my hip and lower back so the cross trainer would allow greater speeds without the jarring.

On the job front I’m holding off on the self-employed angle because I’m claiming Jobseekers Allowance to cover bills whilst I’m looking for a job and if you go self-employed you are not entitled to claim but still have no guarantee of work.  I’m hoping to find a part-time job which will give me a core income but still leave me time to cultivate clients.  However, unless you have children it is difficult to convince an employer that someone of 32 who was previously a Senior Executive PA in London simply wants a part time job to have a better quality of life.  I think they assume that you are only going for a part-time job for an ‘any port in a storm’ application.  I’m finding it very frustrating.  I have a few applications on the go and am trawling the job sites and local paper for more opportunities but it is a soul destroying process.

However, I keep muttering to myself to the phrase “there is something better around the corner” and keep sending off the applications because what else can you do but keep on keeping on.

In the morning I awake….

…my arms, my legs, my body aches….

That madness song rings very true at the moment; went to my Pilates class yesterday morning & then swimming with my sister, mum & nieces in the afternoon. My muscles hate me!

On one hand, I’m thinking “great, calories burned, muscles developing, all good” on the other hand…Ouch!  I’m going to go back and try an early morning swim next week to see if it is quiet enough for me to do some lengths back-stroke.

Plans are going well for going self employed; have my first client set up. Will do.some more bits & pieces tomorrow.

Took the horse for another post-op check-up today & all is progressing well. Fingers crossed we could be back riding him in a month. Only 6 months since this all started. Is all goes well, we might have backed Belle as well and will be able to ride out together.