Happy & Glorious: 2018 Edition

Happy New Year!

I knew it had been a while since I’d posted something here but didn’t realise it had been a whole year!  And what a year it has been!

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Happy And Glorious: 2017 edition

I’ve been keeping this “Jar of Good Stuff” thing going for 5-years now, it all started back in January 2013 – keeping notes of lovely stuff that has happened and allowing you to look back over the year and see what  you’ve done, when you might be thinking “what have I done with my year?”.IMG_8520

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Happy and Glorious: 2016 edition

It’s a bit late thanks to holidays, puppy collection and generally life being a bit hectic. This year’s Happy & Glorious list ended up in a different place than I had planned but the silver lining is that I’m back in Hampshire close to the family, horse and New Forest – amongst many other things!

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2015 going on 2016

20130122-212603.jpgIf ever there were a “good” time to suffer from random sleep aversion, the kind where you’ll back-to-back dvd (or streamed) box-sets just because you don’t want to give in to sleep, then the cusp of the new year would be it.
2015 has, overall been an “average” year; although it is split in to half good and half horrific. I won’t go into too much detail, not least because I’m a big believer in positive thinking but also because some of the stories are not mine to tell; in summary there has been job hell, family illness, family bereavements and pet-family bereavements to deal with, none of which have been easy individually and collectively have been, to be perfectly honest, rather shitty to deal with.

Still, New Year itself has been pretty awesome so far and there are still 2-full days of partying to go and Sunday is also “puppy day” in the singleton household, a new day of collie ownership and a new chapter in life in general.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy (or healthier) 2016.

I also promise to give updates soon on;

  • My first kinesiology session and,
  • My ‘Happy & Glorious’ update of 2015, the entries for which are currently too far away to be useful!

Honestly, I’m not a nomad*….

…but I’m on the move again.  Due to unforeseen circumstances I’m making the move back to Hampshire from Nottingham, only 8 short months after I moved up.  The only thing I will say about the move is that it wasn’t my choice, and that fact is making packing rather difficult.  Packing to move up here was comparatively easy and a joyful task compared to packing to take what at times seems like a backwards (and completely surreal) step.

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Adventures in raw milk: THICK yoghurt!

I’ve been researching ways to make my home made yoghurt thick & creamy like store bought yoghurt. There were a few options that came up in my internet research, which were: –

  • Ferment/prove it in a natural clay pot; the pores in the pot will wick away the moisture. 
  • Strain through a muslin cloth to separate the liquid leaving the thick creamy yoghurtyness behind. 
  • Simmer the milk for longer at just below boiling point (up to an hour) which denatures more of the proteins and in some chemically magical way makes a thick and creamy yoghurt. 

I went with the third (and cheapest) option and simmered the milk for about 25 minutes before adding my starter (Yeo Valley as I’d run down my home made supplies) and settling it in for the night in the airing cupboard. 

This morning….lovely thick, creamy, tasty yoghurt!