Still here!

Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned; it has been 11-weeks since my last confession….

But, oh! what an 11-weeks it has been!

My last post on here was 21st March; in which I was suffering a mild setback from “doing a lot”.  To say that my last bout of “doing a lot” will knock my previous record out the water will be an understatement… Continue reading

Turning the frowns upside down

I have mentioned before that a HUGE tool in the kit of dealing with CFS is positivity.  On days like today it is difficult to remain positive in the face of disappointments.  This is how I try to turn my disappointments into positive reinforcements Continue reading

Fast is the new…. Fast!

Forgive me friends it has been 66 days since my last blog.

Going back to my last blog, on 7th Jan, I was 7-days into the Fast Diet (or 5:2 Diet) and was feeling superb.  Fast forward to today and I am only just finding time to sit down and update you all on my progress. Continue reading

Absent Note

I’ve been trying to write loads of meaningful, insightful, highly intelligent posts lately but they have all failed due to lack of energy and brain-fuge.

However, I thought I’d better pop by and do more than read my feed: explain why I’ve been away for a while.  Firstly, work has picked up since the new year and I’ve been busy, busy, busy with phone calls around the world and stuff like that.  Secondly, and perhaps not unrelated to the first, Continue reading

Time and Motion

I’m away house/dog sitting again this week and, as happened last time, I realise that I have let my step-count dwindle since I stopped wearing my pedometer every day.  It is difficult when I am working hard to build up my business which is mainly desk-based.

I have always struggled with working hard at work and working to maintain my fitness; getting home (or leaving the home office) after a busy day leaves you reaching for the quick and easy choice for supper, which is not always the healthiest choice.  When dragging your tired body out of bed ready to start another busy day the last thing I want to do is jump on the cross-trainer, even though it is right by the bed (which I try and avoid looking at so as to not feel guilty).  You may have the time, but don’t have the energy or you may have the energy but not the time.

I have been keeping up with the riding, which at times has been the one thing that gets me going through the day: my “raison d’etre” when I wonder what all the hard work is for.  I’m really enjoying the ‘map my run’ app on my phone and using it to track the rides we go out on – especially useful for tracking the fitness of the horses too, giving top and average speeds and an accurate track of our mileage (then you realise that the dog has also been coming with us on our 7-8 mile rides).  Having kept up with the riding, which is good all over exercise, I’m not so unprepared for the dog walking I do when I’m dog-sitting but I do need to make sure that I do 20 minutes on the cross trainer every day.

I haven’t been doing my EAP exercises, although I have been trying to stick to the nutritional plan and last week I had lost another couple of inches although the weight hadn’t changed much.  Not sure what this week’s measurements are going to bring as I fell off the wheat wagon and am struggling to get back on the straight and narrow.  I always find it difficult with the change in the seasons, not that we’ve really had a summer to speak of, when the nights draw in.

Since receiving my diagnosis of CFS and getting set on the road to recovery, I have always known that I need to prioritise my fitness as equally important as my work because without maintaining my fitness, I will not have the stamina and energy to do my work.  I have always hoped to be able to work not-quite full time in order to devote some of the time that would normally be spent working to building and maintaining my fitness.  However, to get to that point working for yourself means that you have to work more than full time to initially build up your client base which adds an extra challenge.

I’m now 3-years on from my diagnosis of Hypothyroidism and CFS and sometimes can’t believe how far I’ve come: from someone who was not far off being bed-ridden to someone who would be considered ‘moderately active’ (or ‘Active’ when I keep up with my step-count).  I still have a way to go to get to the level of fitness I want but when I worry that I won’t be able to get there, I just have to look at what I have already achieved – and also at the determination that kept me going before my diagnosis – and I know I can do it.   I hope it doesn’t take me another three years to get there but if it does then it does and it’s still a great achievement.

The shape of things to come

At this moment I can honestly say that I am really enjoying my life.

That is something I’ve not been able to say for a very long time.  There are still small pockets of my life that I could wish were different (or simply ‘there’ rather than not!) but they are the ‘added extras’ and the rest of my life is still pretty damn great without them.

My business is picking up with my first main client going really well, just starting out with a second client and the prospects for the future looking good.

I’m also feeling stronger – physically and mentally – than I have in a long time.  I’ve just had a very busy few weeks with a horrid cold, a very busy time with a client, an emotional whirlwind and the usual monthly hormonal tumult to contend with, and I survived.  I not only survived but I’ve come out of it stronger because I’m confident that I can feel when my body is telling me to slow down and even though I did have a CFS setback (full-on trapped in body, unable to even open my eyes stuff) it was only a minor one and I’ve been able to manage it and pick myself up and get back on my feet swiftly.

The weight is coming off slowly and steadily – which is a good thing because it not only is less likely to go back on, but I’ll have a chance to get to adjust slowly to my ‘renewed’ shape & size.  With Pilates and dashing up and down the stairs when I’m in with my client I’m starting to tone up and can finally see a time when I’m back to somewhere near the body I had when I was 18 before it all started.  The biggest breakthrough I have had with the weight loss is when I realised that I was using food as an antidepressant.  I went to the doctor and got prescribed a low dose of antidepressants – having discussed the options of CBT and counseling which I’ve tried and haven’t made an impact – and it has made a huge difference.  Food is now just something to fuel my body through the day and something to enjoy on a night out with friends… it is no longer a compulsion.

All in all, things are going well and I’m enjoying the ride.  I’ve got a load of fun plans lined up and am looking forward to the future.

My boomerang came back!

There is a line at the end of the song “My Boomerang Won’t Come Back” that goes, ‘If you want your boomerang to come back, well first you’ve got to throw it!’. Well, I’ve been throwing boomerangs left, right and center lately and one of them has just come back!

I’ve been applying for jobs and seeking self employed work like crazy lately (and mildly panicking about the lack of income) and today I have been invited to interview for one of them. It is maternity cover for a lovely estate agents in Salisbury. It is full time so the self employed side will have to take a back seat for a while if I do get it but then there may be the potential to continue part-time when the current secretary comes back from mat leave which is what I’ve been looking for.

Fingers crossed.

Now its time to head into town for the 2nd annual Fordingbridge Film & TV festival.

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Get Up Dress Up Turn Up

Get Up.  Dress Up.  Turn Up.

Wise words from my aunt that I thought I’d share.  I’m trying to keep to it and it does work though it is not always easy.

My resolution to post on here more frequently has not gone quite to plan!  There has been rather a lot going on, some good & some not so good and I didn’t want to end up writing any self-indulgent twaddle and inflicting that on the world.  The saying that “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” is possibly not the best for a blogger to live by.

So, the good things going on…. I’ve finally bitten the bullet, registered as self employed and am getting a wriggle on with setting up the business.  I’ve done one mailshot already to people I’ve interviewed/applied for jobs with and I’m now compiling details for another two mailshots – one to go to local businesses and another to go to land-agents over a wider area.  I’ve also registered my domain name, sorted out some hosting and met with a local web-designer to get that up and running.  Fingers crossed.

The not so good things that have mainly been worrying about money – my job providing cover at a local Farm has come to an end and, although it is a foot in the door to provide holiday cover, etc and has given me lots of good contacts.  I’ve been applying for part-time jobs but not even getting to interview because assumptions are made that I can’t possibly really want a part-time job so I’ll be off as soon as a full time job comes up.  Frustrating.

I’ve just applied for a job in a local pub doing bar work as it will a) get some money coming in b) mean that I get out and socialise with people (a bit of a challenge when you have no money to go out!) and c) allow me to do a bit of networking.

Right.  Break over, need to get back to searching the interwebs for companies to mailshot.