Honestly, I’m not a nomad*….

…but I’m on the move again.  Due to unforeseen circumstances I’m making the move back to Hampshire from Nottingham, only 8 short months after I moved up.  The only thing I will say about the move is that it wasn’t my choice, and that fact is making packing rather difficult.  Packing to move up here was comparatively easy and a joyful task compared to packing to take what at times seems like a backwards (and completely surreal) step.

I’m going to be moving back in with my parents for the time being until I can find a new job and accommodation – wherever that may be.  Having started to settle up here and buy ‘stuff’ to furnish my house, I’m now wondering how I’ll fit it all back into storage.  I’m trying to sell some of the extra beds as well as the white goods but I’m also thinking that I’ll only sell them at a loss and then have to buy them again when I move out.

It is just so FRUSTRATING.

On the flip-side of all this is that: –

  1. I am very happy to be moving back to be closer to my family in “The South”
  2. I am very happy to be moving back to be closer to the horse, dog & other cat (although I’m missing my cat who is back in Hampshire for the duration of the packing)
  3. I have made some amazing friends up here
  4. amongst all of the angst and upset of the last couple of weeks I have not had a “Serious” CFS flare: I’ve had a couple of days where I’ve had to do very little to ‘regroup’ and I’ve not been pushing myself too hard and so far my efforts have avoided a full-on crash.

So, all in all, I’m looking for the positives and trying to kick myself into gear and get the packing done!!

* For the record, this is the 19th house move of my lifetime, with the 14 in the last 12 years 😦

3 thoughts on “Honestly, I’m not a nomad*….

  1. Well done Trish for remaining sane and healthy through all of the _ _ _ _ I’ll leave you to fill in the blanks! Take care and call when you get back. This reply will come via my Rotary WordPress account. Val

  2. You’re taking this all in your stride and so deftly – well done you! As someone who’s rarely moved in her life, the number of houses you’ve lived in has kinda made my jaw drop!

    Fingers crossed you’ll find a new job and place to stay soon 🙂

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