2015 going on 2016

20130122-212603.jpgIf ever there were a “good” time to suffer from random sleep aversion, the kind where you’ll back-to-back dvd (or streamed) box-sets just because you don’t want to give in to sleep, then the cusp of the new year would be it.
2015 has, overall been an “average” year; although it is split in to half good and half horrific. I won’t go into too much detail, not least because I’m a big believer in positive thinking but also because some of the stories are not mine to tell; in summary there has been job hell, family illness, family bereavements and pet-family bereavements to deal with, none of which have been easy individually and collectively have been, to be perfectly honest, rather shitty to deal with.

Still, New Year itself has been pretty awesome so far and there are still 2-full days of partying to go and Sunday is also “puppy day” in the singleton household, a new day of collie ownership and a new chapter in life in general.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy (or healthier) 2016.

I also promise to give updates soon on;

  • My first kinesiology session and,
  • My ‘Happy & Glorious’ update of 2015, the entries for which are currently too far away to be useful!

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