Adventures in raw milk day 3: Butter!

After allowing my raw milk to settle in the fridge, I was presented with a delightfully thick layer of cream. I decanted a large portion of this into a separate jar and have still been left with delightfully creamy milk for my morning latte and afternoon cup of tea.

You dont see this with homogenised milk.


This evening, after having a dash of cream over a portion of decadent Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding I poured the remainder into a screw top jar and sat down to watch TV and shake my cares away to make some butter.






All that was then left to do was to pour off the buttermilk and ‘wash’ the butter by rinsing it in cold water until it runs clear (some recipes call for ice water but my tap water is cold enough for the job!). I added enough water to cover the butter, agitated the jar for a bit, drained the water…rinse & repeat as needed.


Freshly ‘churned’ butter & buttermilk


Then I added a little salt to a small bowl, added the butter and mixed with a spoon. The only

Problem now is that I might need to buy some lovely bread from the Farm Shop to go with the butter.


Butter: freshly made by my fair hand!


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