Update on Life… More time has passed than I thought

I’ve just had a look back at my posts and the last one (other than last night’s tasty missive on milk) was in June…. LAST YEAR.  Over 10-months ago.  I found 6 drafts hidden away, containing half formed, part formed and nearly fully formed thoughts for internet consumption so I have tarted up a couple of those for future scheduling.  It was a bit of a shock to find that I had neglected my blog for a good 6-months more than I thought.

What has happened since then?  I’ll try and remember!

I’ve still been struggling to re-loose the weight and re-gain the energy levels I had prior to my medications being changed in March last year.  Since then I have (after being referred to a consultant to have my prescription for the pill continued as my BMI was – and is – still higher than the range at which a GP can prescribe it) had some more follow up investigations into whether or not I have PCOS.  It turns out I do.  I still have to have a fasting blood test to finish that line of investigation but it was all kicking off at the same time as moving house so that is scheduled for the next week or so.

My riding and other general exercise had declined due to an increasing workload, which was beginning to drive me crazy.

Aside from that I’d been feeling pretty good health wise right up until the Christmas break when I came down with a nasty cold.  That was my own fault because I could feel a cold starting and should have stayed inside in the warm but I was determined to get out on the horse and clip him beforehand… in the freezing cold.  I picked up another cold in January thanks to adjusting to working in an office with other people but other than that (touch wood) I’ve been reasonably healthy until now.

September saw me attending a rather booze and fun filled Stella & Dot conference where I met some fabulous people and one in particular who I think it was fated that we meet with what changes were to come my way.  She knows who she is!!  In other noteworthy news; I did not have a CFS flare following this weekend of debauchery.  Woop!!

Towards the end of October I was, quite by chance, made aware of a fantastic job opportunity.  In short, my dream job… just 200+ miles and 4-hours from ‘home’.  I applied and got an interview.  To cut a long story short: after two thoroughly enjoyable interviews, a mini crisis of confidence and HUGE wibble over whether I wanted to move that far away, I moved up to Nottinghamshire in mid January to work for the Welbeck Estates Company.  Two weeks later I moved from the B&B I was staying in to my lovely ‘little’ cottage in Cuckney and was reunited with my cat.  I love my new job and I’m getting to know the area, which is very pretty, and have enjoyed being able to invite people to visit.  I’m loving being back on a large country estate and all the quirks and oddities that that lifestyle brings with it.  I live 3.5 miles from work and am working on building up my fitness levels to be able to cycle to work.

Quite simply, my life is pretty darn good at the moment and is set to only get better from here!

The view from the work car park

The view from the work car park

Candle 'nook' and fairly lights in the courtyard

Candle ‘nook’ and fairly lights in the courtyard

Kitty on the prowl

Kitty on the prowl

More views of the garden...and the cat

More views of the garden…and the cat

Between then and now, life has mostly been filled with work, managing my energy levels, sorting out the house and garden (still a work in progress), lots of shopping for the house and garden, having visitors (love having the space!) and has not left much time for socialising or blogging.  The times they are a-changing!  I’ve managed to blog this evening thanks to not switching on the TV, something I must do on a more regular basis.  I’m trying to find either a Belly Dancing (oh, that was something else I started in the ‘lost’ months… I joined a new Belly Dancing class in Fordingbridge) or a hula-hooping class to combine getting out to meet new people with exercising.  Failing that I may well fall back on the old faithful of Jive classes.

Now it’s time for me to sign off for the evening, before I’m tempted to consign yet another post to the purgatory of the drafts folder.  I will endeavour to update with something ‘new’ next week, although you will be seeing at least a couple of re-worked drafts between now and then.

Until next time my friends

1 thought on “Update on Life… More time has passed than I thought

  1. You have been busy! Think that warrants a good enough reason for it being a little quiet here. Very happy you’re enjoying both your new job and new home! It’s a great feeling when things start falling into place.

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