Weighed in, weighed in, Horses away!

Week 1, day 5

So far I’m surviving doing the EAP and following the “Hot to Trot” nutritional plan. I might even go so far as to say that I’m thriving. Had a sneaky measure the other evening (needed to move the tape measure and couldn’t resist) and I’ve already lost a little on my hips! Haven’t managed to get a note of my start weight; had some new scales delivered and got very excited that I had lost 2 stone since I had last weighed….. Thought it was a bit wonky so looked in to it and they are weighing 10kg lighter (a new 20kg bag of chicken feed only weighed as 10kg). Replacements are on their way.

The exercise sessions are intense but as they are 30 mins from warm-up through to cool-down they aren’t over taxing although I’m now finding out just how cheap the Pilates/yoga mat I have is as I don’t think it likes sweat too much!

The diet element is not too hard to follow, I tried to have fresh foods as much as possible anyway so it is mainly wheat, dairy, sugar, chocolate, tea and coffee that I’m not having, I avoided artificial sweeteners (esp. Aspartame) like the plague anyway.

As I guessed at the beginning, cutting out dairy has been my biggest challenge, a hang up from 34 years a dairy farmers daughter. I don’t miss coffee, except for the milk that came in my latte. I dream of cheese; a nice bit of Brie or a chunk of tangy Tickler (and not just because it is “dad’s cheese”).

Have had the usual nasty calf cramps I get when I don’t drink enough milk so have invested in some calcium supplements (as a bonus found some that have magnesium as well as vit D added). My plan was always to, when I win the lottery, have a couple of cows and go back to fresh, un-pasteurised milk, so much nicer.

Overall, glad I took up the challenge and looking forward to seeing how much I can achieve at the end if the 8-weeks