Still here!

Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned; it has been 11-weeks since my last confession….

But, oh! what an 11-weeks it has been!

My last post on here was 21st March; in which I was suffering a mild setback from “doing a lot”.  To say that my last bout of “doing a lot” will knock my previous record out the water will be an understatement… Continue reading

Turning the frowns upside down

I have mentioned before that a HUGE tool in the kit of dealing with CFS is positivity.  On days like today it is difficult to remain positive in the face of disappointments.  This is how I try to turn my disappointments into positive reinforcements Continue reading

Fast is the new…. Fast!

Forgive me friends it has been 66 days since my last blog.

Going back to my last blog, on 7th Jan, I was 7-days into the Fast Diet (or 5:2 Diet) and was feeling superb.  Fast forward to today and I am only just finding time to sit down and update you all on my progress. Continue reading

Decisions, Decisions!

One of the most frustrating things about having CFS is having to make decisions on what I do and don’t do in any one day/week.

In my mind, now that I am out of the dark days of hypothyroid and CFS induced fugue, I am no different to how I was in my gap year (scarily, 17 years and half my lifetime ago now) before I had Glandular Fever where I would work shifts – either early 6am-2pm or late 2-10pm – ride the horse most weekdays as well as going jive dancing 2-3 times a week. Continue reading

So far so good

So far, no crashing set-back from adding in the dance class on Monday!  Hurrah!  Also did a short stint on the cross-trainer yesterday.

The only side-effects are aching abs and grumbly knees.  The abs I think are mostly due to a tough Pilates class and therefore unrelated to adding in the dancing. Continue reading

Too much and not enough

Today I have done my usual Monday morning hour of Pilates PLUS an hour of dance class this evening (admittedly a not overly high energy class).

I am hoping that this extra physical exertion will not prompt a setback as it is only a little bit extra to my usual physical activity and there has been no emotional stresses added to the mix. I’ll let you know the outcome on Wednesday. Continue reading

Manic Monday

Exciting times last night…next lot of measurements taken and I’ve lost another 3 inches! Not quite as exciting as last week’s 5.5 inches but still a good result. Both sets of measurements on my thighs have evened out as well (my right thigh was slightly bigger but they’re now the same size)

Fortunately, I think it was a false alarm on the broken toe front, not nearly enough pain (unless I squeeze the offending toe) and it stood up to my ride and exercises yesterday (having transferred my rest day from Sunday to Friday).

This week has started with gusto! Had my usual Pilates class at 9 for an hour of torture (and entertainment chatting about ‘fifty shades of grey’ whilst tying our ankles up in rubber therabands) and then back home for a little bit of housework and a foray up to the loft to check out what kenwood attachments I have, then down to the cabin for my 30-min EAP workout.

At least having the visible results in my measurements makes all the hard work and abstinence worthwhile.

In the morning I awake….

…my arms, my legs, my body aches….

That madness song rings very true at the moment; went to my Pilates class yesterday morning & then swimming with my sister, mum & nieces in the afternoon. My muscles hate me!

On one hand, I’m thinking “great, calories burned, muscles developing, all good” on the other hand…Ouch!  I’m going to go back and try an early morning swim next week to see if it is quiet enough for me to do some lengths back-stroke.

Plans are going well for going self employed; have my first client set up. Will do.some more bits & pieces tomorrow.

Took the horse for another post-op check-up today & all is progressing well. Fingers crossed we could be back riding him in a month. Only 6 months since this all started. Is all goes well, we might have backed Belle as well and will be able to ride out together.

Getting to the root of the problem

I’ve been a bit distracted of late.  Hence the lack of posts.

Before I get into the why I’ve been distracted, a quick update on resolutions…

  • Steps – I’ve been averaging about 4k a day and have had one 10k+ day so far.
  • Pilates – I’ve been doing the classes but not the DVDs as yet
  • Dog walking – hmmm.  Mostly round the field at least once a day but not “out” for a walk yet
  • healthy eating… hit and miss would be the best comment on this one!

So, on to what has been keeping me distracted…. Archie has been under the weather with a poorly tooth, which he had extracted in November and hasn’t really healed properly.

Without waffling on too much, we had big debates about whether any further treatment would be in his best interests (taking into account the extent of the infection he had, which looked like it had gone into the bone of his jaw) or whether go ahead with a rather major operation.  Lots of tears & heartache but we decided to go ahead with the op.

We dropped him off at the vets yesterday ready to go in for his op this afternoon.  I heard when I got back from work today that he had come round ok, that the vet had to take out a lot* (my very technical term) of infected bone but it feels like he got it all.

So, the major worry of whether they would go in and find something they couldn’t fix is over but there is now the critical 48 hours post-op window to navigate.  Still not out of the woods but at least if it doesn’t heal up now and we have to have him put down, we know that we’ve done everything possible (within reason for the welfare of the horse) to get him over it.

That’s what has been keeping me distracted, using up nearly all my brain power, when I’m not actively distracting myself from thinking, and being a big drain on my emotions.

Fingers crossed.  Hope for the best & prepare myself for the worst.  Those are my two mottos at the moment.


In other news, it has been confirmed that my fixed-term contract won’t be extended past the end of March so I’m back on the job hunt again.  Oh joy.  However, I do have an interview next Tuesday for a job 12 miles down the road, which will be cheaper in petrol!


A bit late in getting these blogged but here goes…

* to wear my pedometer every day and aim to be up to 10000 steps a day by the end of March (and then sustain it)
* to continue with my Pilates classes once a week and add in a session with my Pilates or workout DVD once a week
* to take the dog for one long walk (for an hour or two) once a week
* to eat healthily & sensibly