Same but different

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Know your limits

If there is one thing I have learnt over the last two and a half years since my diagnosis with CFS and Hypothyroidism, it is to listen to my body and know when I can push myself and when I need to step back from the ‘edge’ of my physical limits.

This week has been a case-in-point: Wednesday I had I quite an intense day, busy and finished off with 2-hours of networking with the Southern Entrepreneurs group. I have always found the mental effects of the CFS and hypothyroidism the hardest to deal with and there was a long time when I couldn’t cope with socialising with more than one person at a time. Being in a room with lots of people talking at the same time was a real challenge. Having said that, I am now much improved and can cope with loud parties, chatting to many people at once and “all that jazz”.

However, Wednesday evening I had reached my physical and mental limit and my EAP exercises were the thing that had to give to avoid a major set-back.

Similarly, yesterday (Thursday, I’m writing this on a train with minimal interwebs connection so not sure when this will upload) when I had intended to do two lots of EAP exercises, one morning, one evening, to make up for missing Wednesday, I knew I couldn’t push my body that extra bit. Today (Friday) was a different story, I did my “Riders in Balance” and “Weighed in, weighed in, horses away” workouts together. I did find it a challenge going into the second lot of excises but as much as a struggle as it was, the feedback I was getting from my body meant I knew I could safely push myself bit by bit to get through it all without setting myself up for a fall.

If you are looking to get into exercising, already starting but finding it hard to sustain the exercise; take the time to get to know your body. Find out its limits. Learn to read the signs of fatigue so you know when you can keep going and push through the block, and when you are pushing too hard and need to stop.

Your body is pretty clever, it knows it’s limits. You just need to learn to listen to them and not ignore the signs.