Happy and Glorious – 2019 edition

Yet again it has been a year (near enough) since my last Happy and Glorious post! With being back in full-time work, extra study for my postgraduate qualification, the business of moving house and ‘setting up home, there hasn’t been a lot of time or energy left over for WordPressing. I’ve still been completing my ‘line a day’ journal which is a lovely, low daily commitment to journaling with a 5-year overview (once completed), as well as occasional updates to my personal handwritten journal; but writings of the internet variety have been limited to Facebook and a newfound love for Instagram.

Here is my list for the year – in the order I pull them out of my ‘Happy and Glorious’ tin!

Here’s the disclaimer – these lists are really for my reference and reflection but by posting them online it gives me a sense of accountability to keep filling the tin through the year. Read if you wish, ignore if you’d rather. These also only focus on the good bits, there have been not so good bits in between but that is not what this post is for, it’s for tallying up all the good stuff that has happened in the year. I may well have missed some good bits if I didn’t write them down quick enough after they happened!!!!

  • Cormac Maharu O’Beirne entered the world to upgrade some of my loveliest friends to one of my favourite families in the world (other than my own, of course!) : January
  • Seeing Captain Marvel at the Showcase Cinema Deluxe in Southampton (I may have a slight obsession with how comfortable the seats here are) : March
  • Met Cormac after ensuring I was completely germ free ❤️ : February
  • Shazam! Took me a while to get around to seeing Zachary Levi in his first starring big screen role: April
  • Surprise party for Diluki and a lovely weekend celebrating at Bath Festival and getting lots of cuddle time with Cormac : June
  • Reading about Binge Eating Disorder and through that understanding HOW my relationship with food is dysfunctional – this has helped me to manage my eating habits and loose weight : January/February
  • Got the keys to my little [rented] house in Devon : April
  • Moved in (properly) to my little house in Devon : April (a couple of weeks after I got the keys)
  • 6-months in the job.. they’re still happy with me and I’m still happy with them 😁 : June (also noted the same at my second 1:1 in February, I’m sensing a theme)
  • Dublin trip for Cormac’s naming ceremony and having some quality time with Diluki & Alan – a real treat… and proper Guinness too! It involved flying from Exeter airport and a flight path that went over my house : 28 June-1 July
  • Avengers: Endgame. Long awaited emotional couple of hours but overall a good end to the Avengers films : May
  • “I ❤️ my job. So glad I took the plunge and changed career” : Jan/Feb
  • Mum’s 70th Birthday Party. Helping to throw a lovely party, catch up with old family friends I haven’t seen for years (Jo Tanter, Wendy Miller & John & Joy) as well as raising enough money (mum requested donations in stead of presents) to buy a cow through Send a Cow! : June
  • “Having the best boss & employer” : November (supporting me through a tough time being off work with severe acute pain)
  • Baby Salt-Crockford arriving to turn more friends into a family ❤️ : December
  • Stevie Wonder (Plus Special Guest Lionel Richie) in Hyde Park – continuing Mum’s birthday celebrations : July
  • Getting my lovely kitten, Min ❤️ : July
  • The lovely Lucy, who I remember pushing in a pram back in the day, and Dom becoming a family with the arrival of Florence ❤️ : November
  • Romsey Show – being asked back to do the commentary for the sheep grand parade and generally having a lovely day catching up with friends from Mum & Dad’s ringside parking spot : September
  • Catching up with Ruth for coffee – been a scarily long time since we did that either in the parent’s kitchen or hers! : December
  • Catching up with Rosie C (yes, I have to clarify which Rosie!) : December (and possibly Easter-ish? I’m getting old, I didn’t write it down so I’m not sure when it happened!)
  • Catching up with Rosie M (see I told you!) away from all the madness of uni : September
  • Graduation! Made the transition from Graduand to Graduate on one of the hottest days of the year, in the full gear! : July
  • Getting out for a ride on Taoiseach and feeling great after not riding for a loooong time (I did take a precautionary hot bath and am on some hefty anti-inflammatories for the trapped nerve in my neck so it might not have been a true representation of my lack of stiffness post ride!!) : December

Setbacks won’t set me back

Today is a set-back day.  Not entirely unexpected as over the weekend I did more walking than I have been doing recently (ride & 2x dog walks Sat evening, 2x dog walks Sunday morning then another ride and one more dog walk in the evening).  Last night was the first time in a while when I have had a night of truly “un-refreshing sleep”.  Yes, I do wake up tired on many mornings but experiencing ‘un-refreshing sleep” is something very different; you feel like you haven’t slept at all (even though you probably have slept for a decent period) and often you feel worse when you wake up than when you went to sleep.  It is also different from when you wake up and have no sense of time passing whilst you were asleep.

My symptoms of a set-back follow the lines of muscle weakness, heavy eyelids, sensitivity to light, cognitive symptoms (‘slow’ thoughts, difficulty finding words, slurred speech, “blanking”, etc) as well as the consuming fatigue associated with CFS.

Because I quite often wake up tired and feeling crummy, I didn’t really start to feel the full impact of my set-back symptoms until I was driving to my Pilates class (having already walked the dogs I’m house sitting for).  When I was doing Pilates I was feeling weak and could only stay at the most basic levels of exercises, couldn’t lift my legs and was feeling generally pathetic.  It then twigged that I was actually experiencing a set-back and then I could tell myself “well done, you’re here, you’re still doing it” and I felt better for only being able to do exercises at a fraction of the intensity that I can usually do them at, because I WAS still doing them and I wasn’t curled up in a ball.

I have come back to my house-sitting-home and have managed to do a good few hours of work without having to crash out.  I may well go and have a lie down during my lunch break (late I know at 3pm) so I can then get up and do another couple of hours work.

So, although I am suffering a set-back (albeit a mild one) it isn’t going to set me back because I have learned to listen to my body, to manage my expectations whilst still keeping active and ‘ride the wave’ until I’m back on top again.