Always look on the bright side

The bright side: I’ve caught up on lots of Leverage, NCIS and am re-watching Stargate before Downton starts.

The not-so bright side): Yesterday I felt the tell-tale “sandpaper” feeling at the back of my nose and throat that signals a cold coming on. Stocked up on paracetamol based cold/flu tablets (as I’m already taking ibuprofen for my random back pain) and wrapped myself up for a good night’s sleep to try and head it off.

No such luck.

This morning I’m all achey and sniffly. So, I’ve been self-medicating with aforementioned cold/flu meds, a sofa, blankets and lots of TV (interspersed with dog walking, duck/chicken/geese feeding and putting to bed).

Hopefully I’ll be past the worst of the head & body aches after tonight.