Good and Tired

Hello old friend, how’ve you been.  I’ve missed you whilst you’ve been gone.

I’m talking about that good kind of tired you get from when you’ve done an awful lot of exercise, camping, staying up late, cooking, organising, partying and playing and your body just wants to get horizontal for a good long stretch (on a decent bed) and recover its reserves. Continue reading

Cornwall, Cornwall, the dear old County of Cornwall


Treyarnon Bay

“Pasties and Cream, tin in the stream
Salmon and herring that sparkle and gleam.
Though we may roam, Cornwall’s our home.
The dear old county of Cornwall, the land of Pasties and Cream” Continue reading


I’ve been feeling decidedly off-kilter since returning from my fantastic holiday in Cornwall (more of that later when I have energy to post something) and I haven’t been able to shake it with a careful balance of rest and activity in the week and a half since I’ve been back Continue reading

Holiday! Part the second.

Snapshots of my Gibraltar Holiday

Snapshots of my Gibraltar Holiday

Slightly later than “tomorrow” but better late than never for the second instalment of my holiday fun. Continue reading


Snapshots of my Gibraltar Holiday

Snapshots of my Gibraltar Holiday

Nearly a week after I left, I am finally writing up about my holiday!  This last week back has been a bit of a whirlwind with unpacking (finally finished that this morning), enjoying the bank holiday and catching up on work for my clients, which was not nearly as bad thanks to the wonderful Rosie at Wise Owl Admin covering one of my clients whilst I was away. Continue reading

All Good

Work has been busy which has meant that there is more money coming in but there has been less time for doing things on the computer that are no-work related as I get to the end of the working day and need to switch off both literally and figuratively. Continue reading