Manic Monday

Exciting times last night…next lot of measurements taken and I’ve lost another 3 inches! Not quite as exciting as last week’s 5.5 inches but still a good result. Both sets of measurements on my thighs have evened out as well (my right thigh was slightly bigger but they’re now the same size)

Fortunately, I think it was a false alarm on the broken toe front, not nearly enough pain (unless I squeeze the offending toe) and it stood up to my ride and exercises yesterday (having transferred my rest day from Sunday to Friday).

This week has started with gusto! Had my usual Pilates class at 9 for an hour of torture (and entertainment chatting about ‘fifty shades of grey’ whilst tying our ankles up in rubber therabands) and then back home for a little bit of housework and a foray up to the loft to check out what kenwood attachments I have, then down to the cabin for my 30-min EAP workout.

At least having the visible results in my measurements makes all the hard work and abstinence worthwhile.