Happy & Glorious – 2021…and then there was more

So…2021 was not the year any of use had hoped for. More lockdowns, more variants, more disruption and difficulties. I found it hard to fill the tin last year, and hard to list the contents of the tin as well; as evidenced by taking more than two months to get it done. In fact I’m only writing them up today because I want to do some ‘getting sh*t off my desk and into the bin’ filing and can’t put off doing something with these little orange pieces of paper any longer!

Simply in the order in which they’re stacked (apart from where they’re grouped because I realised I’d not added follow-up ‘good things’ on their own note so added them to an existing one!), here they are.

  • Job interview with Savills (Rural Research Analyst) 3rd March
  • 2nd Interview with Savills 10th March
  • Offered 6-month fixed term contract with Savills 11th March
  • Started new job with Savills 6th April
  • New Year’s Day: very frosty & beautiful walk with the parents & the dog from home.
  • Unexpected, appropriately distanced, ‘viewing’ of family members because I was passing through the village of Frampton on my way between one errand and the parent’s place. 24th Feb
  • Possibility of puppies!!! We hoped that Skye and the lovely Max would be a match but we don’t think Skye is of the conceiving persuasion. The dream was a lovely one to have. Mid May
  • My 6-month fixed term contract was confirmed to convert to a permanent contract in July
  • 27th/28th February – the first properly sunshiney weekend of the year
  • Catching up with Gabrielle, and treating ourselves to a delicious ‘brownie bomb’ at the Exe Valley Farm Shop – 19th March
  • Successfully laying a carpet!! 2nd May
  • Getting to ride the lovely Arthur & Gambler for the first half of the year (before they were sold by their owners)
  • A fabulous weekend chilling with the lovely Diluki, Alan & Cormac. December
  • Got vaccinated – May & July
  • Got boosted

So there you go. Another weird year to add to 2020 and now it’ looks like 2022 is shaping up to just as, if not more, ‘delightful’ with the potential for a world war replacing the pandemic awfulness.

I also moved house in 2021 but that is a bittersweet decision so doesn’t wholly fit in the Happy & Glorious tin. However, the cat is very happy to be a permanent Hampshire resident where she has the dogs to play with.

Good luck out there, dear reader, I hope that 2022 leaves you with your health and sanity at the very least. I’ll leave you with a picture of the cat looking cute.

Picture of a white cat with silver tabby markings standing in the fork of the trunk of an oak tree with vivid blue skies behind her.