Happy and Glorious: 2016 edition

It’s a bit late thanks to holidays, puppy collection and generally life being a bit hectic. This year’s Happy & Glorious list ended up in a different place than I had planned but the silver lining is that I’m back in Hampshire close to the family, horse and New Forest – amongst many other things!

To recap; I kept a limited edition Jubilee tin of golden syrup and in that tub I keep notes of all the lovely things I do throughout the year. I think I’ve missed some this year as I’ve been distracted with other stuff; must try harder this year. It’s actually a good ever code in cheering yourself up- when the sh*t hit the fan this year, I aggressively documented positive things that had happened which I hadn’t put in there yet and it helped to level my mood!

  • 2/1/15 Berna’s Rock & Roll Birthday Part
  • 12/1/15 Starting job at Welbeck
  • 23/1/15 Moving into 3 Ten Row
  • 19/7/15 Jager-LeCoultre Gold Cup Polo finals
  • 1-16/8/15 Treyarnon Holiday – holiday family
  • 12/8/15 Getting good news about a family member’s ‘All Clear’
  • 21/8/15 “The chance to find a new opportunity/direction”
  • August 2015 Ziva & Jethro getting on better
  • 28-31/8/15 Alex, Dan & Jensen visiting
  • 4-6/9/15 Gavin, Vee & ‘The Boys’ visiting
  • 11/9/15 Moving back to Hampshire
  • 3/10/15 Charlie and The Chocolate Factory – tales on the train.
  • 24/10/15 Awesome Time Travellers/Back To The Future day party
  • 11/12/15 First Kinesiology appointment
  • 24/12/15 Christingle service in Twyford & Christmas Eve celebrations at my sister’s
  • 25-29/12/15 Christmas celebrations with Family
  • 30&31/12/15 New Year celebrations in Treyarnon Bay YHA with fabulous people

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