Adventures in raw milk: day 1

Today I finally made my way up to the local dairy to collect some fresh-from-the-cow milk (also known as ‘raw’ milk). It has not been pasteurised, homogenised or otherwise messed with, other than being pumped through a handful of meters of piping from udder to tank.

I grew up drinking raw milk until I was 10 and the opportunity to start again was too good to miss. So, when I went back to my parent’s for my recent holiday I brought back two of our old milk churns in anticipation of this adventure!  I’m not planning to increase my milk consumption just to replace pasteurised with yummy, scrummy raw milk and see if I notice any changes.

The first difference of note is the texture – it feels altogether ‘softer’ and even though it is whole milk it doesn’t have the overly rich taste/texture that you get with pasteurised whole milk.  The three areas that I’ll be keeping an eye on for any changes are; my skin (breakouts are again a regular annoyance), my energy levels (and therefore fitness), and general wellbeing.

Precious cargo… (The churn is nearly as old as me so forgive it its rusty handle)

First glass – yum!

I will endeavour to post soon about my antics in the new job & house soon but life has been keeping me busy!

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