Still here!

Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned; it has been 11-weeks since my last confession….

But, oh! what an 11-weeks it has been!

My last post on here was 21st March; in which I was suffering a mild setback from “doing a lot”.  To say that my last bout of “doing a lot” will knock my previous record out the water will be an understatement… and (so far) I haven’t had a set-back.  What I have had is a somewhere between mild and concerning digestive adverse reaction to eating junk food; but you live and learn.

So, what have I been up to I hear you whisper through the ether… here it is: –

Throughout all of March, April and May, work has been crazy busy and I have also started work for another client; working on-site as farm secretary for a local mixed arable & beef farm as they go through an administrative re-shuffle and sell of their beef herd.  In addition to work I have been doing lots of extra stuff!!

March, the last 10-days:
Riding x 2
Pilates x2
Swimming x2 (25 min and 15 min continuous swimming each)

April: I was a little less resilient in April but no set-back, it just meant that my physical activities suffered in deference to getting work done.  This is also the month I started working for my new client.
Riding x ? (either none or I didn’t note it down – I doubt I’d have not ridden AT ALL for a whole month)
Pilates x 1 (I’m sure I went more but again, might not have written it in my book)
Swimming x 1 (15 mins – this might be right as it was cold enough that I didn’t want to get wet!)

Riding x 2 (one 8-miles, lots of carriage driving too)
Pilates x 1 (being away and half term)
Swimming x 3 (10, 20 & 15 mins)
Running x 1 (!! first time in years, only about a mile and walk/run)
Work Extras: 3-days working at the Spirt of Summer fair at Olympia followed by a half-day training session

June, so far:
Riding x 1 (8-miles)
Swimming x 3 (20, 20 & 15 mins)
Running x 1 (same distance & run walk)
Life Extras: driving the campervan down to Devon for a weekend away – stressful with all those narrow lanes!

I’m feeling great.  I’m feeling like I’m 18 again which is amazing.

I have reduced my thyroxine dose gradually from 150 to 125 over the last three months and am not feeling like I’m lacking energy for it (although it did take some careful finessing over the last three months to very gradually reduce it).

One negative I have noticed is that, since I’ve been taken off the pill due to my weight creeping up over the previous six months to November last year (thanks to increasingly sedentary work and little energy for exercise) I find that I have 10-days around my period where it is increasingly hard for me do do anything; working is a struggle and I often am unable to exercise.  I need to discuss this with my GP as the weight I had lost since January started to creep back on thanks to this change and I’ve only just managed to loose it again.  I don’t want to be taking backwards steps.  My skin is also imitating that of a pubescent teen again but because I’ve been expecting it I’m managing to keep it mostly under control.  I have a consultant appointment for that scheduled for July (it was going to be June but I’ve just received a letter moving it, humph).


All in all, life is good.  I’ll try and update here more often as it does me good to reflect on what’s going on – even the not so good stuff as it often gives perspective and I realise that I’m not actually doing so badly.

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