Turning the frowns upside down

I have mentioned before that a HUGE tool in the kit of dealing with CFS is positivity.  On days like today it is difficult to remain positive in the face of disappointments.  This is how I try to turn my disappointments into positive reinforcements

Today’s disappointment is that I will be unable to go swimming as planned this evening because I am suffering a set-back from yesterday’s ride in the forest (1hour+ out, lunch and being social and ‘on alert’ for ponies getting into trouble for 2-hours, 1hour+ back) and then Pilates after a good swimming session on Wednesday which itself came after a fully day of meetings.

Positive #1: I have been doing enough to trigger a set-back.  This means I have been feeling good without issue for a while.

Positive #2: I managed to get through a couple of days of meetings, swimming, riding, socialising, riding and Pilates with relative ease.

Positive #3: As setbacks go, this is pretty mild.

Positive #4: I am still managing to ‘get my fast on’ where days like these would usually see me reaching for the comfort food and sugar – score one for strength of will.


Positive #6: I still want to go swimming (and feel that I ‘could’ manage it) but I am making the responsible decision to limit myself in order to recover more swiftly – score two for strength of will.

Some days finding the positive is easier than others and when the sun is shining that’s at least one positive that comes fairly easily!  Today I will be working in short bursts, with trips outside to enjoy the fresh [chilly] air and sun, to counteract the mind-foggyness that has descended and mix up the calls and other sharp-minded tasks I need to work through with some audio transcription, which is a good task for my less-sharp days as the words go in my ear and out my fingers with very little involvement of my brain.  I may also take myself up to the pool tonight for a spell in the sauna/Jacuzzi to feel slightly more proactive as it will be useful to ease my dodgy shoulder.

5 thoughts on “Turning the frowns upside down

  1. I completely agree, positivity is so important, although it is sometimes difficult to see the positive things, if we try really hard we can see them. The sunshine always makes me feel more positive 🙂

  2. I have just come across your blog and think it’s great 🙂
    I am with you on positivity being incredibly important!
    Faye | freckles-and-all.com

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