Good and Tired

Hello old friend, how’ve you been.  I’ve missed you whilst you’ve been gone.

I’m talking about that good kind of tired you get from when you’ve done an awful lot of exercise, camping, staying up late, cooking, organising, partying and playing and your body just wants to get horizontal for a good long stretch (on a decent bed) and recover its reserves.

This tired is a healthy feeling; a natural – and appropriate – response from your body to exercise and mental exertion.

This feeling is significantly different to ME/CFS asthenia (meaning extreme fatigue) which is debilitating and demoralising; even more so when it is triggered by the smallest amount of exertion.

Many people with ME/CFS would love to be tired as most people experience it because you know it is transient and is in direct proportion to the exercise you are doing.

Today I’m revelling in the fact that I’ve been able to do so much (co-hosting with the family a 4-day camping party with around 100 people attending) and simply feel ordinarily tired!

6 thoughts on “Good and Tired

  1. That’s great news! Well done, your hard work has obviously paid off! =) Being able to experience a sense of normality again must be wonderful! I hope you had a lovely time and managed to recover nicely.

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