Cornwall, Cornwall, the dear old County of Cornwall


Treyarnon Bay

“Pasties and Cream, tin in the stream
Salmon and herring that sparkle and gleam.
Though we may roam, Cornwall’s our home.
The dear old county of Cornwall, the land of Pasties and Cream”

So goes the Brenda Wootton song.

It has been nearly three weeks since I got back from my holiday to Treyarnon Bay Caravan & Camping Park with my sister and her three children (aged nearly 8, just 5 and nearly 2) and I am only now getting round to finishing my holiday update as I’ve been both shattered and busy with work.  But that’s another story entirely.


Treyarnon Bay with the YHA and Caravan Park in the background

Shortly after 4am on Saturday 27th July I jumped in the campervan and set off for the journey to Cornwall with my sister following in her car with the kids.  We made it to Exeter services by 6.30ish and stopped for a ‘comfort break’ and to grab a bit of breakfast for my sister and I but not the kids as they get travel sick and then headed back on the road to miss the worst of the holiday traffic.

We got to Treyarnon around 10am with only a little bit of congestion coming in to Bodmin where the A30 narrows and a somewhat nerve-wracking journey through the narrow windy lanes with the campervan (a successful journey overall because none of the kids were sick – result!).  After doing the essential unpacking – tent out and put up, etc – we headed down to the beach grabbing some pasties on the way from the Treyarnon Bay Beach Store which is celebrating its 25th year this year.  It was a beautifully hot day but thanks to that, the sea seemed extremely cold!!  I went in the sea, managed to get out deep enough to dive under a wave and then had to come in before I froze.  No wetsuit for me but I might invest in one for next year.


View over Constantine Bay

Sunday was a lazy start and then heading over to Wadebridge to visit my aunt and uncle and collect the ‘beach stuff’; wind-breaks, surf boards, buckets, spades, etc.  We then wandered down into Wadebridge where I picked up a lovely dress at Ann’s Cottage.  When we got back to the campsite – after a little S.N.A.F.U. with the awning, sorted out whilst Sister and The Kids went down to the beach – had a relatively early night.

Most of the rest of the week followed the same pattern: lazy-ish mornings before heading out to the beach until it was time to come back for supper, relaxed suppers and not-too-late nights.  Perfection.

On Wednesday, instead of heading to the beach we set off for Wadebridge where Sister and The Girls went to the cinema to see Monsters University whilst The Boy and I wandered around town – where I unsuccessfully tried to buy clothes – and then headed to the park once The Boy woke up from his nap.

IMG_1232IMG_1224 IMG_1223





Fox Cove

Thursday included a walk towards Porthcothan, grabbing some lunch whilst sitting on the cliffs and getting to Fox Cove before heading back.  Friday was a trip to Padstow on the bus for me, complete with fish & chip lunch.

Saturday was a final beach day before handing over the campervan keys to my parents who had just driven down for the start of their holiday and jumping in their car to drive up to Plymouth with my sister for dinner at the Riverford Field Kitchen for a family friend’s 50th birthday.  Beautiful food and great company.  If you are down Plymouth way it is well worth a visit.

Sunday morning I headed home from Plymouth, after dropping my sister off at the train station to travel back to Treyarnon, to take over the house sitting from another sister (I’m the youngest of 4 girls) who had saved the day – or weekend – by offering to bridge the gap between mother heading down to Cornwall on Saturday and my return on Sunday.

All in all it was a fabulous holiday – made all the better due to very poor mobile signal which meant a complete absence of work emails and calls!

IMG_1220 IMG_1219 IMG_1218

4 thoughts on “Cornwall, Cornwall, the dear old County of Cornwall

  1. It’s my blog’s one year anniversary and I just wanted to thank you from the deep depths of my weakly galloping heart for reading and giving me support this past year. It means so much and, even though I am still anxious about the messages/comments I didn’t have the energy to answer, please know I think about you all the time and send good vibes towards all my online friends during my daily meditations. Hoping you’re having an ok day. Elizabeth x

  2. Beautiful photos, Cornwall looks like such a lovely place, I’ve visited Devon and that was very nice, it’s just the 8 hour drive that puts me off heading to Cornwall!

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