I’ve been feeling decidedly off-kilter since returning from my fantastic holiday in Cornwall (more of that later when I have energy to post something) and I haven’t been able to shake it with a careful balance of rest and activity in the week and a half since I’ve been back (although my planned healthy eating kick hasn’t happened because I’ve lacked the energy to implement it after getting work done and animals fed).  It doesn’t feel particularly CFS-y as it is more movement related rather than all-encompassing-can’t-do-anything-anywhere-anytime crushing fatigue.  I’m also getting a bit of cognitive impairment which makes me think Thyroid (I did do a lot more than usual on my holiday).

It is decidedly frustrating and cramping my I-want-to-get-on-and-get-fit style so, I’m off to the hospital to get my bloods taken for a thyroid level check; my local Doctor’s surgery didn’t have an appointment until 27th August but fortunately you can pick up a form and get them taken at the hospital at their walk-in clinic.  I may be waiting a while with my book but needs must…

8 thoughts on “Phlebotomy

    • Only an hour or so. Not too bad.

      My sailing holiday to Gibraltar didn’t knock me, I think it was just because this one was so active (between 8-13k steps a day when usually I’m doing between 4-10k depending on work/weekends). I probably should have hope my thyroxine dose for the time I was away.

  1. I just got my thyroid checked and I’m seeing the endocrinologist tomorrow. I’ve been seeing him for years ~ ever since I had radiation on my thyroid ~ and nothing he does ever makes me feel different. This time, my T4 was low and my TSH was ever so slightly elevated, so there might be an adjustment to my meds. Good luck with your tests and I’m so sorry you’re feeling crappy!

    • Verdict was that my T4 was slightly high and TSH slightly low (I like it around 1 and it was 0.46!) so I’m trying 150 rather than 175 and see if that’s it. It could be that my general light-headedness, and racing heart after climbing stairs are slightly high thyroid rather than POTS-ish symptoms.

      Fingers crossed.

      • DO you take T3 AND T4? My doc says both are very important. He says the T3 is what helps with temperature deregulation and brain fog, so he doesn’t understand why other doctors don’t use it.

        My labs were always like yours ~ very low TSH. They were like that for 7 years before the docs discovered the nodules that had strangled my thyroid!

        Fingers crossed for sure.

      • Only T4. All my other T levels are checked with the thyroid function and are within normal at the moment. I’ve read about it and discussed with my doctor an my body is happily converting T4 to T3 (and 1&2). Although I do make sure I take a good multivitamin with selinium and iodine to support.
        Do you take synthetic T3 or dedicated natural thyroxine?


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