All Good

Work has been busy which has meant that there is more money coming in but there has been less time for doing things on the computer that are no-work related as I get to the end of the working day and need to switch off both literally and figuratively.

I’ve also been busy at the weekends and have tended not to switch the computer on at all.  As I prefer to write my blogs from the computer rather than the phone or iPad I’ve been somewhat absent from here.

Biggest bit of news: I did my tax return at the beginning of April (I know, very keen) and with the extra money I had saved – I put away roughly a third of everything I earn, knowing that this will more than cover my tax liability being self-employed – I have booked a holiday!

I was looking at “beach/pool holidays somewhere hot” but having to pay a single supplement as well as the knowledge that I would be bored out of my mind, sitting there thinking “all this doing nothing is ‘doing me good’ (when actually, when dealing with a recovery from CFS, a break of routine and significant drop in activity levels can set you back as much as doing too much because your body regresses to that lower-activity state) was leaving me terribly under-whelmed about going on holiday.

Then, whilst watching a film where the romantic leads were sailing a yacht I remembered that learning to sail had been an idea I had toyed with on-and-off for years and so I typed in “learn to sail holidays” into Google and a week later I was booked on a 5-day, live-aboard RYA Competent Crew course out of Gibraltar!!

I’m now busy planning my packing – with a good balance of shorts/tees, swimmers, warm trousers, jumpers and layers to cover all weather eventualities within my 20kg luggage allowance (as my only suitable flight option was with sleazyjet).

I catch the coach up to Gatwick this coming Saturday, fly out on Sunday morning and fly back on Saturday morning.  I’m really rather excited!

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