Same but different

As I sit here at my newly re-vamped desk, typing on my new computer (laptop finally becoming more limited by age than was good for work) and with the cat curled up in one of her favourite spots – tucked up my jumper – I realised that this year is already 16 days old and I haven’t managed to do an update yet! In some ways that is good, because it means I’ve been busy and active, but in light of my vague thoughts of one of my New Year’s resolutions being to “blog more often”… not such a good start.

Anyway. 2012 was, on average, a pretty good year for me; spending lots of time with family; some awesome nights out with great people, growing my business and generally enjoying myself overall. Yes, there have been some not great bits and even some rather horrid bits but when weighing the pros and cons, in the words of Old Blue Eyes himself… It was a very good year.

One of my outstanding memories of the year is dancing on stage at a 1920’s ‘do’ in Bath and having a complete blast with a great group of friends.

Now, on to the highlights of 2013 so far…


So far this year it feels like I have finally kicked CFS to the kerb. I have more energy and motivation these days. I feel stronger and more alert. I feel much happier.

Rather than feeling like I am living under a cloud it finally feels like I’ve got my life and my body back. Not that I won’t still need to be mindful of how much I’m doing and plan in some “down time” to my routine but I’m feeling better now than I have done in years.

Looking on the Light side of life

On the Saturday before New Year, I joined up for Weight Watchers, paying for 3-months in advance, as I had been ‘back sliding’ into old habits in the run up to Christmas and needed to take action. I had thought about joining WW a few times over the last few months or so but it didn’t feel right. Until then. Some may say that signing up just before New Year was not the best idea, given that the celebrations continued with drinks and naughty foods. However, it was actually pretty inspiring for me and my relationship with food. I knew that my New Years Eve wouldn’t be that excessive as a) I don’t tend to drink an awful lot these days and b) I was babysitting so needed to be a responsible adult. I tracked all my New Year treats and, yes, I did use up all my exercise points earned as well as my weekly allowance (and a few over that too!) but I didn’t gain weight. I had a treat-filled but not excessive week and it didn’t mean the end of the world diet wise.

Week 2 fared better: I used all the exercise points I earned and used up my weekly allowance, but didn’t go over. When I weighed on the Saturday I was disappointed as I didin’t think I’d lost any weight, but when I tracked it on the app I realised that I’d actually lost 4lbs! Whilst not down-playing that achievement, it does mean that I am back to the weight I have been stuck at for the last few years (hence why I thought I hadn’t lost any). The real challenge comes now, at the end of week 3 to see if I will have lost again. I’m not expecting another 4lbs, I’d be content with 1lb, happy with 2lb and “chuffed to bits” with anything more than that. So far I’m on track for a good week; have been slightly under or slightly over (cheeky glass of red) for my daily points and racking up lots of activity points.

Something seems to have ‘clicked’ and I’m finding it easier to resist ‘goodies’ and make more sensible choices about my diet, but without banishing the odd treat altogether. I’m hopeful that this is a strong start of what will be me finally shifting the weight I gained when I had glandular fever and continued to creep up in the years before I was diagnosed with CFS

Jumping for Joy

The first Sunday in January took me back to my youth with a Jumping Clinic. I think the last showjumping clinic I attended was before my horse Jeremy died back in 1997, some 15 years ago.

Archy was a star – he went from only having done single fences with me and a combination on the lunge to doing a whole course by the end of the session. Admittedly we trotted between fences as his canter still needs some work but I am really pleased with him. We are booked up for our next clinic at the end of February and I’m going to book up some regular sessions at a local (ish) indoor school to work on his canter between now and then. Both horses have now been clipped which will make exercising them easier… snow allowing.

Busy, Busy, Busy…

Received an enquiry from a potential new client on New Year’s Eve and started work with them on Tuesday. Start as I mean to go on! I’ve also got some more work coming up with two of my current clients which is a boon as well. Tomorrow, snow allowing, I will be heading out to a networking evening and I plan to go to one networking event a month for the rest of the year.

Promising Year Ahead…

I remember reading somewhere that you should have something ‘fun’ planned every 12-weeks and I plan to do that this year. I have a trip to Bath to see Les Mis at the Cinema next week, followed by a long weekend with a great friend just chilling and catching up.

Rather than ‘resolutions’ I am making promises to myself this year and they are: –

  • Keep a jar on my dressing table and each time something great happens or I achieve a goal I’m going to write it down and pop it in the jar. That way, by the end of the year I’ll have a record of all the great stuff that has happened.
  • Attend one networking event a month
  • Spend an hour a day on myself: not just aimlessly wandering the internet but actively being a PA to myself, organising my social life, booking in lunches/dinners with friends and doing some CPD.
  • Plan fun stuff at least every 12-weeks. Weekends visiting. Weekends entertaining. Fun with the horses. More stuff like that.
  • Go on holiday somewhere hot.

That’s what I’ve got so far! Now it is time to sleep and see what tomorrow brings.

1 thought on “Same but different

  1. A great way to start the new year – well done! I love the use of ‘promises’ to yourself, a much nicer and more personal way to look at things. It is amazing how giving yourself a ‘pat on the back’ every once in a while really helps to improve self esteem – when you look through your jar at the end of the year you will be able to see how far you’ve come and also be able to re-live great memories! I wish you all the best of luck for 2013!

    p.s. Les Mis is amazing! Have a great time!

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