So far so good

So far, no crashing set-back from adding in the dance class on Monday!  Hurrah!  Also did a short stint on the cross-trainer yesterday.

The only side-effects are aching abs and grumbly knees.  The abs I think are mostly due to a tough Pilates class and therefore unrelated to adding in the dancing.

In other news, I have discovered a new CFS symptom.  It is one I have probably been suffering from all along but have only noticed it now.  I know I do tend to getting puffy in the face when I’m really down but have never seen photographic evidence of it until now.  The other week I had a photoshoot scheduled to get some new pics for my business website and, as my luck would have it, was feeling rotten on the day.  During the shoot I noticed that I kept doing a silly lop-sided smile which I didn’t like and had to concentrate to do an ‘even’ smile.  I just put this down to having got into the habit of smiling that way.

However, looking at the photos yesterday I noticed that not only was it my smile that was affected but also the whole left side of my face: puffy eye, droopy mouth and general lack of muscle tone/increased puffyness.  As I said, I usually wouldn’t have seen this as on days when I’m feeling grotty I generally avoid having my photo taken, and even avoid looking in the mirror too much.  It is also the first time I have noticed it so obviously affecting one side of my face more than the other.  Ho, hum, off to the doctors for me I think.

Still, there are some lovely pics from the shoot and I’m looking forward to getting my website all refreshed.

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