Too much and not enough

Today I have done my usual Monday morning hour of Pilates PLUS an hour of dance class this evening (admittedly a not overly high energy class).

I am hoping that this extra physical exertion will not prompt a setback as it is only a little bit extra to my usual physical activity and there has been no emotional stresses added to the mix. I’ll let you know the outcome on Wednesday.

It will be great if I can start adding a dance class into my routine as historically (pre-CFS) the only think that really impacted my weight loss was doing a couple of high intensity aerobics classes a week…or dancing for 4-hours 2-3 nights a week.

I have been, understandably, somewhat trepidatious of getting back to doing higher intensity aerobic workouts like dancing in the fear that it would knock me out but I would love to start adding it back in. I don’t know if I will get back to dancing as much as I used to (for financial reasons I nothing else!) but it would be nice to feel safe in the knowledge that it can be a regular part of my life again.

Onwards and upwards!

1 thought on “Too much and not enough

  1. Great to hear you’re getting back into it! I guess all you can do is assess yourself in the next few days post dance class to see whether there are any changes (even if slight) in your ability to carry out an ‘average days work’ – both physically and emotionally. Afterall, the results of any activity are generally delayed with CFS. A come back IS possible though! If you are patient when reintegrating dance into your life then it can be a very positive step forward. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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