New Beginnings

Today I started on an exercise and nutritional plan called “The Equestrian Athlete Plan” ( which was recommended to me by the lovely Lucy.  It is specifically targeted exercises for riders to develop their bodies in a way to enhance their riding performance – which puts significantly different demands on the body than any other form of exercise.  As I am doing a fair bit of riding, and plan to do more, it seems like the sensible way to go.

Having been doing some schooling with Archie (now that his more chilled out) I’ve been noticing that my left leg is weak and I have trouble getting Archie to work evenly as I can’t support/direct him as well with my left leg as with my right – leg yielding to the left is fantastic, to the right not so good because I just don’t have the control/strength in my left leg (sorry, not that interesting for you non-horsey readers).

The nutritional plan that goes with it is rather extreme but makes a whole lot of sense.  The exercises form a 30-minute workout every working day and the whole thing is designed to fit around a busy life with horses.  The plan is 8-weeks long so, having started today, I will have completed it by 26th August.

My declaration: I’m not going to set goals for dress sizes dropped, weight or inches lost, however my SMART goal will be:

  • Specific: to stick to the Equestrian Athlete Plan 100% – no self-sabotage, no “just this one Fredo bar won’t hurt, NO EXCUSES – to achieve the best results I can
  • Measurable: I will have lost weight, lost inches and my clothes will fit better
  • Achievable: 30minutes of exercise a day, 5-days a week + following a detailed nutritional plan
  • Realistic: this has been done and is being done by many people who are achieving results.  There is also ample support available through the Plan.
  • Time restricted: The plan is 8-weeks long.

I’ve taken the before measurements and photos (photos will not be shared with anyone but me!!).

Having recently totted up my step-counts since January and realising that my average step count of 10k+ is actually above average, I’m feeling ready to take this on, no holds barred and take the next steps to reclaiming my once fit and lovely body, which I didn’t appreciate half as much as I should have (cue strains of Baz Lhurman’s ‘Wear Sunscreen’ swelling in the background).

Having struggled for so long (14 years and change) to shed the weight I gained when I had Glandular Fever there is a certain element of Fear that I won’t succeed but I’m not going to let that stop me from sticking to the plan 100%.

Cutting out dairy will be my biggest challenge I think.

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