Continuing on an upward trend

The last week or so I have been re-claiming my mornings. It started when this current spell of hot weather did as I wanted to get up and out on the horse before it got too hot (inevitably, if I wait for it to cool down in the evening I don’t get out for one reason or another).

Doing that, I’ve remembered how great a sense of satisfaction you can get from getting up-and-on in the mornings, quite often I’ve found that by lunchtime I’ve completed nearly all of my ‘essential’ chores for the day. It makes for a much more relaxed me and my body clock is adjusting nicely, even to the point that I’ll get up at 5 when woken up by my restless cat rather than head back to sleep until my alarm goes off at 6.30. Even today, when I’d been out partying last night and only got to bed at 1am, I still woke up at 6.15! Admittedly I DID then turn over and go back to sleep for another couple of hours but that was only sensible.

The lovely thing about this is that I’ve been able to sustain these early mornings without any CFS knock-backs (frantically grasps for the nearest wooden fitting) but I think I will be adopting a European lifestyle and adding a siesta to my routine!

Overall I’m feeling healthier, fitter, livelier and more resilient than I have since I was 17, half my lifetime ago. It does make me sad sometimes that I’ve “lost” so much time with feeling crummy (and I’m very glad I didn’t recognise the doctor who dismissed my glandular fever as ‘teenage laziness’ for 9 months until I was well away from him) but there is no point in dwelling on the “what ifs” and “could have beens” because if I hadn’t lived those 17 years as I did, I might not have met the lovely people I now call my friends and I may not have done some of the fabulous things I have.

Onwards and upwards as the saying goes

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