In the morning I awake….

…my arms, my legs, my body aches….

That madness song rings very true at the moment; went to my Pilates class yesterday morning & then swimming with my sister, mum & nieces in the afternoon. My muscles hate me!

On one hand, I’m thinking “great, calories burned, muscles developing, all good” on the other hand…Ouch!  I’m going to go back and try an early morning swim next week to see if it is quiet enough for me to do some lengths back-stroke.

Plans are going well for going self employed; have my first client set up. Will do.some more bits & pieces tomorrow.

Took the horse for another post-op check-up today & all is progressing well. Fingers crossed we could be back riding him in a month. Only 6 months since this all started. Is all goes well, we might have backed Belle as well and will be able to ride out together.

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