Life’s little jokes

My drive home from work, avoiding the motorway, takes me through the town where I used to live about 6 years ago, and where still lives a guy I had the biggest thing for but he was always unavailable (and I’m just not the type of person who chases after what is someone else’s) then he moved away for a while and I moved away and now he’s engaged to someone else.  Occasionally, I would pop in and do some shopping on the way home and sometimes wondered  if I might bump into him, but no.

However, I did spot him out running one day.  Guess which day it was…. Yep.  Yep, yesterday.  Valentines Day (of all days).  And he looked gorgeous as ever – even when all sweaty and rained on whilst running.

Life certainly knows how to slap me round the face.

In other, less heart-string pulling news, I have had confirmation that my fixed term contract will not be renewed past the end of March so my nose is back on the job-searching grind stone.  I’ve applied for two jobs; one I didn’t get after interview, the other I didn’t even get an interview for (I think they already had someone lined up as those types of jobs are usually a closed book).

I’ve potentially got some audio-transcription work lined up with one of the consultants I look after now who is also being made redundant and it has sparked off thoughts I had previously about setting up as a freelance PA/Secretarial/Event management/girl friday service.

So, as well as job searching I’m also researching both generally about self-employed status and registering a business and specifically about pricing, services and competition.  I’m pretty excited about it if it works out.

Today I called into the local caravan holiday park (a large affair with lots of static caravans) and picked up the timetable for the swimming pool.  I’m going to go this week and see how I manage; how many lengths I can do and how I feel in the few days afterwards.

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