A bit late in getting these blogged but here goes…

* to wear my pedometer every day and aim to be up to 10000 steps a day by the end of March (and then sustain it)
* to continue with my Pilates classes once a week and add in a session with my Pilates or workout DVD once a week
* to take the dog for one long walk (for an hour or two) once a week
* to eat healthily & sensibly

1 thought on “Resolutions

  1. This made me laugh, becuase those are my constant resolutions – apart from the one about the dog.
    I have worn my pedometer for about 3 years now. It does make me walk more, and I sometimes have weeks of walking 10000 steps a day – sadly that hasn’t happened for a while.
    Good luck with sticking to your list.

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