A Wheat-y Issue

Diet.  It’s a tricky issue.  Many people have told me that, having CFS, I should really try the anti-candida diet.  One small obstacle, I love my food too much: I love red meat & dairy & chocolate.  Also, I don’t seem to have too much of an adverse reaction to the majority of foods.  It’s weighing up the options of how much better my body might be on the diet versus how miserable I would be following such a restrictive diet.

However, one food that really does give me hell is wheat.  If I’m eating it regularly I don’t feel too bad but the weight just doesn’t shift and I get bloated.

If I come off wheat the weight is easier to shift (4lbs in a week, although that was also post hormonal bloating too) and I feel less bloated – I definitely feel it in my waist…my trousers keep falling down!

The problem is that if I do eat some wheat after a period of abstinence my gut goes into convulsions – I blow up like a balloon and have terrible intestinal spasms.  Not sure if it is IBS or what (I see some online research in my future) but as it is only a problem if I eat wheat then I can see a way to avoid it happening again.  Simples

The one thing I will really miss, being a Cornish girl by heritage and at heart, is pasties.  Unless I can find a decent pastry recipe using non-wheat flour.

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