The joys of the jobhunt

Job Hunting.  It’s hell.  It’s the ups of getting an interview, of someone seeing your CV online and giving you a call.  It’s also the downs of not getting the job or the second interview.  It’s the frustration of searching endlessly and not finding a job to apply for.

It’s not fun.

However, so far it’s been more positives than negatives.  My CV is proving to be “hot stuff” – it has got me an interview and a call from an agency off the back of my profile on a job-search website.  I didn’t get a second interview but I’ve got some good feedback from that interview.

It is a shame that I didn’t get through to second interview as the job sounded a real winner… but I’m very much of the school of thinking that things happen for a reason… that there’s something round the corner that will be better.  Even with everything that has happened over the last year, I still subscribe to that philosophy: if I hadn’t had such a bad crash I’d still be living to work and wouldn’t have had the realisation that I actually want to “work to live”, that I want a job that will enhance my life rather than a job that becomes my life.

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