Feeling the benefit

Monday = Pilates day.

Some days during the week I wake up crippled with back-pain and it takes me at least the whole morning to get over it.  That is, until I’ve got back into doing Pilates – it works wonders for my back.  A few quick stretches and a “position check” eases out the kinks and I feel 100% better and about 2 inches taller.  I’ve just invested in a foam roaller (to join my thera-band at home) so I can build on the work I can do at home in addition to my classes on a Monday.

I’ve always enjoyed Pilates (my chiropractor forbade me from doing Yoga years ago as my joints are on the verge of being “too flexible”) as it builds on core stability which strengthens my back which has been problematic since a rather nasty fall from my horse in 1994.  However, since getting a diagnosis of CFS and putting that together with the fact that most of my bouts of illness were preceded by my trying to add in some aerobic exercise, I have decided to concentrate on Pilates (and hopefully in the autumn some Tai-Chi) so I can increase my fitness by increasing my muscle density and leave the aerobic exercises for some point further in the future – apart from some gentle rides on my bike.

I’ve also sent my CV to a company who provide remote PA assistance to see if they want to take on any additional support.  Fingers crossed, it might be just what I need.

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