30th June 2010 – Update

A quick update – everything with work is finished, the paperwork has been sorted. Now I just need to wait for my last payment and I’m done.

It is such a relief, I feel I can finally see my way forward. I had clung so long to being able to go back to that job as being the pinacle of my “recovery” but I’ve since realised that the job was part of what made me crash so far… I was expending all my energy in the job and leaving none for myself.

I’ve decided that, as long as I can afford to, I want to go back to a 0.75 job and use the other .25 of “full time” hours to devote to keeping up my physical stamina, that is just as important as having a job and it leaves the rest of the “downtime” for having fun and chilling out with friends.

Alternatively I might find myself a full time job which has an element of activity in it – I’m thinking of going back towards Private PA work, possibly something where there is an element of childcare involved, but something where it’s not confined to a desk all the time.

I’m now going off to check out the bus route into Salisbury to see how much and how long and whether that would be an option for getting into work when I get back to doing some or whether the Park & Ride might be a better idea.

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