Making a change

The last week has seen quite a change.  I had a social event booked on the weekend but on the Thursday before I was feeling very down what with all the worry about the outstanding stuff with work and about money as I’m only on Employment Support Allowance.  Anyway, my parents persuaded me to go as I’d have a good time catching up with my friends.

I did go, I didn’t have a good time and in fact, some of my so-called friends were downright rude and to be honest it did upset me a lot.

Overall, I’m glad I went.  Not that I had all that much fun but it helped me make a decision about continuing to go to these things; they are expensive, energy consuming and the people I was going to see have shown their true colors.  In the CFS clinic we were talking about things that you should/need/want to do and these weekends fall under none of those categories.

It has also helped me make a clean break.  I know that I’ve moved back to an area I used to live in and I’m back in touch with a lot of friends from school (through facebook) so it’s not exactly a ‘fresh’ start somewhere completely new but I’m putting a part of my life, a certain lifestyle, behind me so I can move on.

I’m now looking forward to being able to really get going with my new life once everything is sorted with work.

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